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Claims, my first comic book is almost done
I've been working on my first comic book for a couple years now, its titled Claims and its about .

About Me:
Tim Schultz began editing at age 19, when he started cutting together animatics for Sony and Warner Bros. At that point he knew editing was for him. He has worked steadily ever since, editing on projects such as Spider-Man: The Animated Series, Deal or No Deal and The Academy Awards. Tim credits his passion and success to the Universal Studios backlot tour, which he frequented as a child. “Not only did the backlot tour give me a love for the process of making television, but it also taught me French! Facade: a French word meaning false front.” Tim now works at Chainsaw, a post house in Hollywood, CA.
Schwax Attack! Episode 2: Lego Batman Tumbler

Schwax Attack! - Episode 2 - Lego Tumbler from EvilSchultz on Vimeo.

Schwax Attack! Episode 1: Starry Kitchen

Schwax Attack! - Episode 1 - Starry Kitchen from EvilSchultz on Vimeo.

Mocha Pro @ the LAPPG:
Recently I did a talk with Mary Poplin from Imagineer Systems to the LAPPG about Mocha Pro and how editors can use it to speed up daily tasks. Here's the video.

mocha for Editors at LAPPG with Mary Poplin and Tim Schultz from Imagineer Systems on Vimeo.

Welcome to my new site:
It's going to be pretty minimal. I don't spend tons of time keeping a website up to date. I spend tons of time trying to make the best projects I can. So hope ya like it. Thanks!
Contact Me:
email: tim@evilschultz.com
work: Chainsaw - Hollywood
Podcast: Two Nerds Flip Out
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